Red Location Museum of Struggle


South African Institute of Architects – Awards 2005/2006 2007/2008

Picasso Headline

16th South American Architecture Biennale

Inkwenkwezi Secondary School. Equador


Inkwenkwezi Secondary School

SAIA – Award of Excellence

Red Location Museum

Cityscapes – International Award for Community Buildings

Inkwenkwezi Secondary School

The Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture

Phaidon Press Ltd

BAQ – South American Architecture Biennale (XVI) third prize in the world wide competition in the SOCIAL HABITAT Category

Inkwenkwezi Secondary School

“Inkwenkwezi Secondary School”

Tanzeem Razak. Architecture South Africa - May/June

“Innovering in Konteks”

Netanja van der Westhuizen. De Kat - May