Fenwick Lane

An exhibition on access and amenity

State of Architecture

Halo, Chicago Architecture Biennale.

Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture

Opportunity Transforms the City, UABB

Africa, Culture and Identity Exhibition

Exhibition Installation, Louisiana MOMA

OH16 Unstitching Rex Trueform

Architecture of Consequence: Global Narratives and Personal Testimonies”

Inkwenkwezi Secondary School. Netherlands Architecture Institute, Rotterdam & Mumbai

“The Good Cause”

Red Location Museum of Struggle. Netherlands Architecture Institute, Rotterdam & Montreal

The South African Informal City Exhibition

Rentable Housing in Du Noon. Newtown, Johannesburg

12th Venice Biennale – People meet in Architecture

Inkwenkwezi, Usasazo & St Cyprian's. Venice

Turkish Chamber of Architects

Noero Wolff Architects. Istanbul