12th Venice Biennale – People meet in Architecture

Inkwenkwezi, Usasazo & St Cyprian's. Venice

Turkish Chamber of Architects

Noero Wolff Architects. Istanbul

World Architecture Festival

Red Location Cultural Precinct. Barcelona

World Expo

Red Location Cultural Precinct. Shanghai

International Awards exhibition

Inkwenkwezi Secondary School. Florence

16th South American Architecture Biennale

Inkwenkwezi Secondary School. Equador


Inkwenkwezi Secondary School

New World Architecture

Usasazo Secondary School. London

New Africa Exhibition

Usasazo, Inkwenkwezi, Red Location Museum & several housing projects. Denmark

Daimler Chrysler

The work of Heinrich Wolff of Noero Wolff Architects. Berlin, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town & Bayreuth