The South African Informal City Exhibition

Rentable Housing in Du Noon. Newtown, Johannesburg

“Usasazo, Inkwenkwezi & Red Location Museum of Struggle”

MARK no 24 - Feb/March

Inkwenkwezi Secondary School and Red Location Museum of Struggle

Lotus143, Italy

Inkwenkwezi, Red Location and St. Cyprians

B1 Magazine, Thailand, Volume 4 Issue 37 - October

Inkwenkwezi and Usasazo

ArtWorld Magazine, Volume 243

Contemporary Architecture – South Africa

Tolic, I. Motta Architettura

12th Venice Biennale – People meet in Architecture

Inkwenkwezi, Usasazo & St Cyprian's. Venice

People meet in Architecture – Biennale Architettura


Small Scale Big Change – New Architectures of Social Engagement

Lepik, A. MoMA

Turkish Chamber of Architects

Noero Wolff Architects. Istanbul