Media Coverage

‘Open door policy’

Alma Viviers. Visi online magazine

Red Location Library, Archive and Art Gallery

Domus, issue 958 - May

Architecture and Design Beyond Consumerism: Transformative Politics for Designers


‘Ilze Wolff’ a profile 

Remy Raitt

“Vredenburg Staff Residence”

Digest of South African Architecture

Testify! The consequences of architecture

Feireiss, L. (ed). NAi Publishers

Moderators of Change – Architecture that helps

Lepik, A.(ed). Hanje Cantz

Atlas: architecture of the 21st century

Fundación BBVA, Bilboa. Fernández-Galiano, L.(Ed)

“Usasazo, Inkwenkwezi & Red Location Museum of Struggle”

MARK no 24 - Feb/March

Inkwenkwezi Secondary School and Red Location Museum of Struggle

Lotus143, Italy